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    org.hibernate.MappingException: Unknown entity

    deniz hepsen Newbie


      I have the SERUser.java and SERUser.hbm.xml below. I put them in a har, then in a ear. But, in runtime i got org.hibernate.MappingException: Unknown entity com.unstable.game.card.ser.SERUser.

      What can be the problem ?

      package com.unstable.game.card.ser;
      public class SERUser {
       private int minUserID;
       private int minELO;
       private String mstUserName;
       private String mstPassword;
       public int getMinELO() {
       return minELO;
       public void setMinELO(int minELO) {
       this.minELO = minELO;
       public int getMinUserID() {
       return minUserID;
       public void setMinUserID(int minUserID) {
       this.minUserID = minUserID;
       public String getMstUserName() {
       return mstUserName;
       public void setMstUserName(String mstUserName) {
       this.mstUserName = mstUserName;
       public String getMstPassword() {
       return mstPassword;
       public void setMstPassword(String mstPassword) {
       this.mstPassword = mstPassword;

      <hibernate-mapping >
       <class name="com.unstable.game.card.ser.SERUser" table="GENUser">
       <id name="minUserID" column="inUserID">
       <generator class="increment"/>
       <property name="mstUserName" column="vcUserName"/>
       <property name="minELO" column="inELO"/>
       <property name="mstPassword" column="vcPassword"/>