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    high performance (low level) jdbc access routines

    david kuehner Newbie

      Does anyone know of any low level jdbc access routines?

      I am hoping that java.sql is an object layer sitting above a lower level - but still OS independent - layer.

      My need is to be able to do high speed data access. I'm looking for something 2 orders of magnitude faster than what is available with the typical use of java.sql (connection, preparedstatement, resultset and so on). This is not a typical web app issue (single object gui). I am working with a process that is initiated from the gui, but can take 20 minutes to run. This process reads 50,000 to 500,000 records from several tables, performs some magic and then has to write or update about 13,000 records. I'd like to be able to have the process run in less than a minute to meet user expectations.

      Several years ago while using visual basic and odbc, I had to use direct calls to the odbc32.dll functions for data access to get the performance I wanted rather than the ado and rdo stuff. I am wondering what is available with jdbc - perhaps the routines that are used when writing jdbc drivers themselves. I don't know if there is an equivalent "gateway" that all jdbc drivers use (like the odbc32.dll that is used with all odbc drivers in windows)

      Any comments would be appreciated. Even just hints as to where I might find this kind of information.