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    How to deploy Eclipse HelloWorld to WildFly8 (JBOSS Server)

    Chirag Patel Newbie

      Hello All,


      I'm new to JBPM currently we are doing some POC for JBPM 6.2, if we find it right for us we may end up moving from OBPM to JBPM.


      I've created a sample HelloWorld JBPM Project in Kepler eclipse. I'd like to deploy jar project on JBOSS server and after deployment that should get reflected in http://localhost:8080/jbpm-console/kie-wb.html


      I should also be able to run that helloworld JBPM project and that stats should get persisted to Databse. (We Manage to connect to SQLServer 2008, I've created sample helloworld from web-based kie console and it ran successfully)


      I know 1 approach where We create Project Defination in direcly on JBPM console or KIE directly and build and deploy from there.


      We are using SVN and we'll not have laxury to change from SVN to GIT , can someone please give me link or detail steps How can we deploy JBPM eclipse project on KIE.