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    rich:pickList not working

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      I am migrating from richfaces 3.3.2 to richfaces 4.5.1.Final and also using myfaces 2.2.1. I have been getting several issues but able to resolve with the help of the community and documentation. Now I am stuck with getting rich:pickList to work properly. I get the values in the left side of the pickList but I cannot get the right side to display the values. I have seen several posts related to this issue and tried to follow what has been suggested. Please some one take a look at my code and let me know where am I going wrong. I have made sure that my model object has equals and hash codes. Here is my code:


      <h:panelGrid id="addressBlockPoliciesPanelGrid">

                                  <rich:pickList id="addressBlockPoliciesShuttle"


                                                 sourceCaption="Available Policies"

                                                 targetCaption="Assigned Policies"



                                                 disabled="#{addressBlockBean.disabled || securityBean.privMap['manageAddrBlkFormNamsPolicies']}">

                                      <f:selectItems value="#{addressBlockBean.sourcePolicies}" var="policy" itemValue="#{policy}" itemLabel="#{policy.name}" />

                                      <f:converter converterId="PolicyConverter" />                               





      Here is the code from my backing bean.


      public List<Policy> getSourcePolicies()


              return this.sourcePolicies;




          public void setSourcePolicies(List<Policy> sourcePolicies)


              this.sourcePolicies = sourcePolicies;



      My private method that populates sourcePolicies:


      private void setSourcePolicies(final AddressBlock addressBlock)


              final List<Policy> sourcePolicies = new ArrayList<Policy>();       

              final List<Policy> availablePolicies = addressBlockManager.getAddressBlockPolicies();

              final List<Policy> selectedPolicies = getSelectedAddressBlockPolicies();

              for (final Policy policy : availablePolicies)


                  if (policyIsNotAssigned(selectedPolicies, policy))







      private List<Policy> getSelectedAddressBlockPolicies()


              final List<Policy> policies = new ArrayList<Policy>();

              if ((this.selectedBlock != null) && (this.selectedBlock.getAddressBlockPolicies() != null))


                  final Set<AddressBlockPolicy> abPolicies = this.selectedBlock.getAddressBlockPolicies();

                  for (final AddressBlockPolicy abPolicy : abPolicies)





              return policies;



      Also I am attaching the model object and converter I am using for your reference. I really appreciate any help you can provide with this issue.