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    Container Exceptions

    anupama oruganti Newbie

      Hi Guys:

      I am puzzling over this from 2 days, I couldn't able to find good tutorial on Net. I am using CMP and JBoss 3.2.6. I would like catch when DB is down and throw App specific exception. My application has POJO which will look up Entity CMP bean by JNDI and then FindRecord for given swid and then will call set on bean fields to update DB info. Server was started and DB was up and running at that time, When POJO calls FindByPrimaryKey on bean what kind of exception I can expect if DB is down. If DB is up at calling FindByPrimaryKey but while calling set methods on bean if DB is down before container do DB update what kind of exception I can expect from container.

      I would like to come up generic utility class such that whenever I get exception from container I should be able to say DB is down.

      Please let me know folks,
      Thanks alot,