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    CDI problem using a dependency on a module

    Matthieu Brouillard Newbie

      Hi all,


      I don't know if the problem I am facing is a weld/jboss-modules/wildfly or miss-usage problem so I post in this "general" forum.


      I tried to simplify as much as I could my problem and before opening an issue I wanted to have some review if I didn't perform something wrong.


      I have a library containing:

      • an interface: PrefixProvider
      • a CDI producer producing an implementation of this interface
      • 2 pojos implementing this interface and annotated @Vetoed so that only the producer should be considered for CDI


      If I package this lib into a war, everything works as expected (see project prefix-app-embedded), a call to my REST endpoint returns correctly with the CDI injection point being resolved correctly and the @Vetoed considered.

           curl http://localhost:8080/app-e/resources/password


      If I package this lib as a module, and reference it inside a war via a manifest dependency with meta-inf (see project prefix-app-module-dep) I cannot deploy the application because of CDI errors due to ambiguous dependencies as if the classes were not annotated.

      2015-03-24 10:07:51,706 ERROR [org.jboss.as.controller.management-operation]  ..... skipped .....

          Caused by: org.jboss.weld.exceptions.DeploymentException: WELD-001409: Ambiguous dependencies for type PrefixProvider with qualifiers @Default

        at injection point [UnbackedAnnotatedField] @Inject com.agfa.wildfly.prefix.PasswordResources.prefixProvider

        at com.agfa.wildfly.prefix.PasswordResources.prefixProvider(PasswordResources.java:0)

        Possible dependencies:

        - Managed Bean [class com.agfa.wildfly.prefix.RandomPrefixProvider] with qualifiers [@Any @Default],

        - Producer Method [PrefixProvider] with qualifiers [@Any @Default] declared as [[BackedAnnotatedMethod] @Produces public com.agfa.wildfly.prefix.PrefixProviderProducer.produces()],

        - Managed Bean [class com.agfa.wildfly.prefix.FixedPrefixProvider] with qualifiers [@Any @Default]

      I must admit I do not understand the described behavior.

      I also tried several other things, including:

      • removing in my module the dependency to javax.enterprise.api
      • exporting in my module the dependency to javax.enterprise.api
      • removing the meta-inf in my manifest dependency

      All of those actions ended in also CDI deployment errors BUT this time only on the 2 classes.

      I am using wildfly 8.2.0-final.