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    Listening on Multiple IPs

    Michael Rice Newbie

      I would like to configure a single instance of the server to listen on 2 specific network interfaces, but not all network interfaces. Is there a way to do this? I've seen this question popup a few years ago, and the answer has been "no you can't do that", but I was wondering if this has changed or if there is any plan to support this.




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          Tomaž Cerar Master

          This was always possible, not sure why/how said it was not possible.


          this is full option set for configuring interface we have in our testsuite for years now.


          <interface name="internal">


             <nic name="eth0"/>

             <nic-match pattern="eth[0-9]+"/>





             <subnet-match value=""/>

             <subnet-match value=""/>







          so I would think that you would need something like

          <interface name="public">

             <nic name="eth0"/>

             <nic name="eth1"/>



          or something like that depending on your configuration.


          But thinking of it now, I am not sure how would this work later when services are bound to this interfaces.

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            Michael Rice Newbie

            I have tried numerous variations of the <interface> tag, including those you've listed, but none are successful. The server starts, but the services are not listening on multiple interfaces. Specifying <any-ipv4-address/> works of course, but that's not ideal, as I have several interfaces and do not want to expose the services on all of them.

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              Jooho Lee Newbie

              Without <any-ipv4-address/>,<any-ipv6-address/> and <any>, there is a way to set multiple ip which are accessable to the management interface ?


              From help from interface menu, those options are looking for a IP for the interface.


              For example, NIC


              Attribute indicating that part of the selection criteria for choosing an IP address for this interface should be whether its network interface has a name that matches the given regular expression.


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                Kuldeep Sharma Novice

                You can start instance with and then you can access with all IPs available on System.