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    Using Forge angularjs addon in existing project

    Rick Suggs Newbie



      I am trying out jboss forge in an existing gradle project. I have installed the gradle addon and angularjs addon.


      After navigating to the project directory and starting forge, then entering the command `scaffold-setup --provider AngularJS` the following error message appears:


      [dash-services]$ scaffold-setup --provider AngularJS --topLevelPackage com.cah.dash

      ***ERROR*** The package name must not start with a '.'


      I have searched the forge/core github repository and found the error message originates here:


      core/JLSValidator.java at d03061a9539d8a8c59b1682d856d0f819fd2f683 · forge/core · GitHub


      The project contains many folders that begin with '.' such as .gradle, .idea, etc.


      Is there any way to specific to ignore the folders in an existing project?