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    Warning: Corruption of system data




      We are using Modeshape 3.8.0 configured with a Infinispan cache stored in a DB (we used H2, Oracle and MySql) and deployed in an Application Server (we use TomEE 1.6 or Websphere 7.0 or 8.5) and we have found, after some usage, some log entries like this everytime we do a restart of the webapp:


      WARNING: The lock with the key "48f1104317f1e7mode:lock-48f11047505d64dd3558c1-d91f-488e-aba4-7b4e97b183ff" cannot be found in the system area and will be ignored. This should not happen and indicates a corruption of the system data.

      We haven't observed any loss of functionality and we checked all suspicious nodes and are not locked, but the warning is scaring us a little bit because the number of warnings is increasing as we use the repository.

      We are using the LockManager to lock a node to being able to add childs under high concurrency withou issues, but we are using session locks and we are pretty sure that we remove the lock after the node is added. There is no other failure on the log.

      Do you have any idea about what is the root cause of that warning? Can we do anything to avoid it? Can we do anything to fix it if ith happens?

      Thanks in advance.