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    Wildfly 8.1 Cluster - Infinispan StateTransfer timeouts



      I use Wildfly 8.1 and am trying to work with 2 node setup. When one node starts, the other node fails to join (one in two cases) and throws the error as mentioned in the log #log_updatetimestampcache.


      To temporarily work around, I disabled query results cache in persistance.xml, afere which I didn't not get anymore join failures with the above stack trace.


      Now that two nodes could successfully start, after the third node joins, we get a State Transfer timeout exception as specified in the log #log_statetransfer_starterror. This new node fails to start.


      Sometimes, even when we could successfully start many nodes. We get a State Transfer timeout error in a running server as specified in the log #log_runningtimeout (6 node cluster).


      We are not sure what misconfiguration we have done and dont know how to proceed. I'm also attaching my infinispan configuration (cache_infinispan). Please let me know where to look for./ or if there is a known issue.