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    JPAPlaceholderResolverStrategy issue

    cristian blanaru Newbie



      I am running JBPM 6.2 on JBOSS EAP 6.3.2 by using jbpm-services-ejb.

      Now I am trying persist custom variables to the database by using JPAPlaceholderResolverStrategy.

      The problem I am facing is that at marshalling new variables, the variable ID is serialized to process instance info, but the variable is not persisted in its custom table.

      If in JPAPlaceholderResolverStrategy, I add the entity manager flush on the marshalling new variable case


      if (id == null) {


                  id = getClassIdValue(object);


              } else {


                  // since this is invoked by marshaller it's safe to call flush

                  // and it's important to be flushed so subsequent unmarshall operations

                  // will get update content especially when merged




      everything works fine.


      Do you have any thoughts on this issue ?