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    Viewing messages from admin console

    Srichakra Mangipudi Newbie



      Were are using hornetq on jboss for messaging.


      Want to know how to view the messages from the Admin console of JBOSS. As of now we are able to see only the metrics of messages and the queue/topic details

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          Justin Bertram Master

          If you need information about the JBoss AS admin console you should ask on the JBoss AS forum.  HornetQ itself doesn't doesn't have a web console.


          Aside from that I doubt very much that any console would be able to reliably display the content of various JMS message in a reliable way.  In essence, a JMS message is just an array of bytes.  The bytes could describe any kind of data (e.g. image, text, audio, custom binary data, etc.).  How is a console to reliably determine what kind of data is in the message and display it properly?