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    Is it possibile using jbpm for data integration?


      Hi all,

      anybody tried to use jbpm for data integration?

      I have txt files with data that I need to validate (I thought usign drools), extract and load on db.

      Since I have many and huge files I need to process them as fast as possible, load validated data and handling discarded data.

      In the case of discarded data I could ask human support to fix data problem, call an external service to get the right data and so on. . .


      I thought a process with some custom work items able to validate, extract and load data. If I have validation problems i would  instantiate a process for each kind of error I found in the data file and in the mean time I would go ahaed with extracting and loading of the correct data.


      I'm a little scared about the performance of the validation, extracting and loading of data, what could I use?