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    Help understanding Camel : https://github.com/jboss-fuse/quickstarts

    Jboss Beginner Newbie

      I am new to FUSE and Camel and i was trying to understand in which scenario would i use fuse or camel

      I downloaded CBR project from the above quickstarts links and was able to run as a standalone camel project.

      blueprint.xml  is as follows. This picks up a MSG  from a work/cbr/input directory and places in other directory. I was able to run this as mvn camel:run

      <route id="cbr-route">

                  <from uri="file:work/cbr/input" />

                  <log message="Receiving order ${file:name}" />



                          <xpath>/order:order/order:customer/order:country = 'UK'</xpath>

                          <log message="Sending order ${file:name} to the UK" />

                          <to uri="file:work/cbr/output/uk" />



                          <xpath>/order:order/order:customer/order:country = 'US'</xpath>

                          <log message="Sending order ${file:name} to the US" />

                          <to uri="file:work/cbr/output/us" />



                          <log message="Sending order ${file:name} to another country" />

                          <to uri="file:work/cbr/output/others" />



                  <log message="Done processing ${file:name}" />




      But thereadMe says start FUSE SEVER and all that stuff.

      I was wondering why do I need fuse server at all if i am am able to run as standlone

      In my project the requirement is that all web service calls from Client go through FUSE for making it asynchronous (my manger mentions FUSE every time).

      If this can we achieved using camel alone - i am  trying to understand where does FUSE fit in here - as per my understanding i  wont need FUSE?

      Thanks for taking the time and reading my email