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    Jboss 403sp1: Fixed cmp cascade delete? NO.

    Nat Gross Newbie

      I have a many to 1 relationship with <cascade delete/> on the many side.
      On a .remove() of the ONE side, jboss 4.0.3sp1 only deletes the one side, and does not cascade delete the many side. (According to the debug log, the sql delete statement from jboss to the back end (mySql) is not even genned for the child/many records, only for the parent/One record.)
      The 4.0.3 change log on this site mentions the 'cmp cascade delete bug' as being fixed.

      Your input is appreciated.
      Thank you.
      ps. I hesitate to upload my DD xml's because this sounds like a known problem. If any snippet of my xml is useful anyhow, please adivse. Thanks again.