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    CMP can't get working port from Borland - HELP!

    Chris Bitmead Newbie


      Trying to port an app that uses CMP to Jboss from Borland.

      I've set up all the config files, ejb-jar.xml, jboss.xml, jbosscmp-jdbc.xml oracle-ds.xml. I start up the server and everything seems ok. The JMX console reports my beans are deployed etc.

      Then I run my app which eventually gets to call findByPrimaryKey on one of my CMP objects and it returns javax.ejb.ObjectNotFoundException: No such entity!

      I look at the jboss log file and it shows the SQL being executed which is perfectly fine. The row is definitely in the database, the key being passed is definitely correct from using the Eclipse debugger.

      I just don't know how to diagnose a problem like this. I mean, I wonder if it is definitely executing the SQL on the correct oracle database, and not for example the HSSQL database. All the config I THINK points to the right place, but there is nothing in the log to say what is what.

      I just don't know how to proceed on this. I've looked at these config files a hundred times. I've looked at all the details in the log. There isn't enough info to know where to go next. Help!