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    CMP EJBs and JBOSS vers 4.0.1-sp1

    Hammad Dar Newbie

      Dear all
      I m using CMP2.x EJB's and using JBoss version 4.0.1-sp1. Theproblem with me is that when i insert a row in the DB, it shows that it has inserted the row but that record does nt become visible in the DB. I m using mysql as DB. Same is the case with finder methods. The records in the DB are not shown in the by the finder methods and it throws exception "Entity does nt exist"(i hope i don need to paste whole stacktrace)
      The strange thing is that those records that are inserted by the bean can be retrieved by the beans successfully and vice versa can be found too but not visible in the DB. I hope u got the problem.
      Secondly, i have changed the following entries:
      in standardjaws.xml:
      and in standardjbosscmp-jdbc.xml
      Please help me!