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    access ejbs in ear from war outside of ear

    Peter Voringer Newbie


      i want to have a behaviour similar to portlets but with standard web apps.

      I have some basic elements like ejbs, pojos for hibernate and some mbeans deployed inside of an ear. Now i want to hotdeploy wars (for example with a StrutsServlet inside) which have to access the classes inside of this ear.

      I don´t want to share session or anything. Problem is that if I call a EJB from this webapp and the method returns a Hibernate POJO i get a classnotfoundexception for this Hibernate POJO.

      If i deploy the war inside of the ear it all works nice, but for this solution i have to edit the application.xml and deploy the whole ear what i exactly tried to avert. I only want that the war (un)register itself to the ear (by a ContextListener or MBean) and can access the EJBs.

      So my questions:
      1) Is it possible to hotdeploy modules of an ear without redeploy the whole ear and without editing config files (at runtime)?
      2) Or is there a chance to deploy the wars outside of the ear but access classes which are located inside of the ear?

      I hope someone can help me or give me a hint.