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    Deploy error when there are dependencies bewtween artifacts

    Fredrik Bodin Newbie



      If you have two artifacts A and B.

      A is dependent on B, and A also has some resources in the global container scope e.g. persistence unit.


      When you undeploy B, then A will also be disabled which is OK.

      But the problem occurs when you deploy a new version of B.


      What we think happends is that A starts undeploying as a result of B being undeployed.

      Wildfly then detects that a new version of B is being deployed and starts a re-deploy of A.

      The re-deploy of A fails!!!

      The reason for this is that it can't register the resources as a result of the application A being undeployed and at the same time still holds the conflicting resources.


      Any suggestions on a solution for this?


      Note: we are using wildfly 8.2


      Best regards Fredrik