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    How to get a newline in value of a JNDI binding?

    aqtwrdnr aqtwrdnr Newbie

      Hello all,


      I have a String field in my EJB Bean whose value is injected using @Resource(lookup="java:global..."). I want this String field to contain a newline character, but I do not know how to escape a newline in the standalone.xml to correctly end up in my EJB Bean's String field. I have tried (without the quotes and luck):


      - "\n~~~~\n" ends up as "\n~~~~\n"

      - "&10;~~~~&10;" crashes JBoss due to invalid character.

      - "&10;~~~~&10;" ends up as "&10;~~~~&10;"

      - "\\n~~~~\\n" ends up as "\\n~~~~\\n"

      - "


      " ends up as "~~~~"


      Any ideas what might work?


      Thanks in advance!


      Barry NL