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    How to monitor CPU and memory usage of Node level of JBoss EAP ?


      Hi Team,


      We are having complex JBoss EAP setup which contains one Domain Controller and 7 Host Controller. Each HC is placed in different machines and each HC contains multiple Nodes. DC doesn't contain any nodes. It is used to connect all the HC, as per our deployment architecture.


      For our setup, We would like to monitor CPU and Memory Usage of Each and every node in the host. Help me in configuration part "How to monitor both these metrics".

      We have deployed RHQ Agent in where we have deployed our Domain Controller. In Inventory list, We can able to see the all the 7 Hosts. But We can't find "Managed Servers ". It is not automatically discovered.

      So , We have tried to install agent in One of our Host Controller deployed machine. In that , We could able to find the Host controller. Again, We can't able to find the Managed Servers. Since Our HostController. Please help me to guide on this. I guess, Deploying Agent in HostController machine will not helpful. Please advise and fix help us to monitor our environment.


      Thanks & Regards,
      ArunRaj. R