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    How to audit @Modifying @Query of spring-data-jpa by hibernate envers

    伟毛 伟毛 Newbie

      @Modifying(clearAutomatically = true) // spring-data-jpa

      @Query("update TravelArticle f set f.praiseTimes = ? where f.id = ?")

      public int incPraiseCounter(final long counter, final long id);




      @Audited //Hibernate envers

      public class TravelArticle





      I hope to audit TravelArticle when I call method incPraiseCounter, but failed. I looked through the source code, and found entity could not been audited when query.createCreateQuery(...).executeUpdate() was called. how it happened, is there a workaround solution in this situation?


      Waiting for the reply, thank you in advance.