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    Trouble with Fabric in JMS QuickStart Example

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      Hi Everyone,


      I successfully followed the tutorial for using JMS and Camel Routing with Blueprint and JBoss Fuse. I doubt I have all the technologies in that example mentioned... This is the URL to the example I am referring to: jms: demonstrates how to connect to the local ActiveMQ broker and use JMS messaging between two Camel routes


      My troubles begin at the section titled: Use the demo in fabric. I try to type the command in the JBOSS Fuse console but I receive an error that the command is not found. The command is: mq-create --create-container node --minimumInstances 1 broker

      Is this command 'mq-create' supposed to be executed in the JBoss Fuse shell or elsewhere? Has anyone else experienced this problem?


      Another question I have is where is the Active MQ route or something, "amq:incomingOrders", defined? I see this statement in the 'camel-context.xml' that is in the jms/src/main/resources/OSGI-INF/blueprint/ folder but I was wondering where this logic is that is processing the XML files by countries and putting them in different folders in the output directory.


      Thanks for reading this.