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    Jboss migration from EAP 6.2 to 6.3

    Georgios Papadimitriou Newbie



      The last few days i try to solve a strange problem.

      I have created a war file and i have deployed it on EAP 6.2 without any problem. I have tested for a while and all are working correctly.

      Then i tried to deploy the same war file to 6.3 (using either jdk 7 or 8) ant although the deployment process was successfully when i try to run my application then the JBoss seems to stuck.

      I cannot get any log, i have set the level of all logs to ALL.


      My application uses spring framework and the jax-ws web services. Also inside this app i have a socket server that listen to a specific port. Both "channels" use a jar programm that connect to a 3rd party web services. But because of 3rd party's functionality i have to create two threads for each connection (either from socket server or web service) in order to retrieve some information.


      The problem occurs when i use either the web services or the socket channel. At both "channels" after a while the JBoss server stuck and i have to restart him from task manager. At the log files i cant find any error or warning.


      In order to debug this issue i have removed the code that is responsible for the socket server and i kept only the web services. Also i have removed the jar that is responsible to connect to the 3rd party web services and i replaced it with a simulation jar that simple returns the same responses. I have also disabled the threads for each connection in order to check if the executors cause the stuck.

      Unfortunnately when JBoss receives many requests at the same time from an external programm that use his web services then he stuck.


      I have not any clue what is going wrong as the log file does not shows anything.


      Any idea how to solve this?