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    jboss EAP domain mode - security domain authentication login module

    Umang Agrawal Newbie

      I have a war file, which have few remote connections (httpclient, zookeeper, mongodb etc...).


      Since default security domain for JBoss is "other", where other domain have "Remoting" and "RealmDirect" login module (Ref. /domain/configuration/domain.xml)


      For security reasons, I have to authenticate mongodb connection with kerberos authentication using keytab file. In order to implement this I have added kerberos authentication login module in "other" security domain and marked as required (marked "Remoting" and "RealmDirect" optional).


      Now the problem is >>>>>> After making "kerberos" login module required and others optional mongodb authentication works fine, but other remote connection fails which are using "RealmDirect" login module for authentication.


      If I mark "RealmDirect" as required and Kerberos optional then "kerberos" authentication fails.


      Please help me to fix this issue.