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    Why not dynamic endpoints still?



      It is the most voted issue, one of the most required feature, and still no plan on working on it. Is there a way to push forward for this functionality?





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          The plan at this point is to get 2.0.0.Final out the door, which means lots of unexciting testing and minor bug fixes (e.g. instructions in quickstarts work for all supported platforms).  Unfortunately, this means that development on new, exciting features needs to take a back seat at the end of a release.  No reason why this can't be picked up for 3.0 and, as always, contributions are welcome.

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            Hey Keith,

            Totally agree, but I've seen many features already cheduled for 2.0.1 or 3.0 and this one is not even targeted. I guess that until you're done with 2.0.0.Final, there will not be planning phase, but just looking for a way to push on this "very" requested feature :-P (Maybe by 2018 we'll have it).

            On the other hand I would love to contribute it, but as you know, I do not produce quality code :-P


            I think it would be good to have discussions on approach before doing any contribution, as then approach might be totally wrong. Once the approach is clear, I can help my my unqualified code, at least to let the ball start rolling.



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              Bah, your code is good. :-)


              I have moved the JIRA into the FUTURE bucket, which will be reviewed when 3.0 starts to schedule that release.  What's in 3.0 right now may or may not stay, so FUTURE is the best place.

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                I'll open a discussion in another thread as to see what is your thoughts (committers and contributors) to the best way to implement this, so whoever takes this (might be me, if you say my code is not that bad) knows how to proceed.


                As usual, thanks a ton.