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    Migrating “com.ibm.snacc4java" from IBM-WAS-8.x to JBoss 6.x

    Subhasis Samal Newbie

      My app have a Transaction Framework component (JAR) that is using “com.ibm.snacc4java” . Some classes are been generated by “Snacc for Java” and represents the ASN.1 SEQUENCE and are used for encoding and decoding headers (those classes implements “com.ibm.asn1.ASN1Type” and also uses “com.ibm.asn1.ASN1Encoder , com.ibm.asn1.ASN1Decoder” etc. ). Now, I’m in the process of migrating the Transaction Framework(JAR) from IBM-Web Sphere-8.x to JBoss 6.x. Could you please suggest, how to migrate these stub classes  to JBoss that are generated through  IBM's “Snacc for Java”? The migrated component in JBoss should no more depend on any IBM components like “com.ibm.asn1.*", “com.ibm.snacc4java” etc. ? Thanks in advance for the response.