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    Jboss 4.0.3SP1 with hibernate 2.1

    vignesh vignesh Newbie

      I am trying to migrate an application that uses hibernate 2.1 from jboss4.0.2 to jboss4.0.3 SP1. Since we don't want to immediately migrate to hibernate 3.x, I am trying to configure Jboss 4.0.3 SP1 with hibernate 2.1. I found the below article on wiki that details switching from hibernate 3.x to hibernate 2.x, but it seems the instructions in the article don't apply to 4.0.3 as the har deployer has been removed from 4.0.3.


      If anyone has successfully configured jboss 4.0.3 to work with hibernate 2.1, please post the instructions. I already tried doing various things such as deleting hibernate 3.x related jars from server/all/lib and placing hibernate2.x deployer jars in the lib folder but the application couldn't be deployed successsfully.