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    system environment variables with cli

    Marco Zanker Newbie

      Hi together.

      In former jboss versions there is the possibility to define system properties in datasource-xml files f.e. in the following way:



      Where ${MY_SERVER} is analysed during runtime. This also worked in wildfly 9, if I'm modifying the standalone-full.xml with an editor.

      But what I want is to define exactly this entry with cli. But I always get a "Cannot resolve expression" Error.

      Problem seems that the $ always will be interpreted by the cli during define phase as system-property normally defined in the <system-properties>-Element of standalone-full.xml. I didn't find a way to quote the $.


      How can I do that? As result I simply want as result the string "<connection-url>jdbc:sapdb://${MY_SERVER}/database</connection-url>" in the standalone-full.xml defined by cli.