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    Return different message (503) for a deployment starting up


      On Wildfly 8.2,   we have an ear deployment that takes about 1 minute to start.   During that time Wildfly returns a 404 for any urls related to that deployment.


      Is it possible to have it return a 503 error code with a nicer page  while the deployment is booting up?


      At the moment I've created a small separate war that has a context-root of /  and it's just is to do the above (return 503 for any request).   However,  from the time wildfly starts to the time this war has completed starting,  wildfly will return 404's.   Granted it's a smaller window,  but I'd like to eliminate any chance of returning a 404.


      Is there a different way I can guarantee the above?


      (I also tried playing around with the default-host in the standalone-full.xml,  however,  the <location>  doesn't seem to match a path pattern)