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    Likely bug in CMResourceService#stop

    Philippe Marschall Expert

      Looking at the source of CMResourceService#stop I believe I spotted a bug (I don't know what the implications are though).


      The issue is on the line



      immediateCleanup is a Boolean and the return type of getPerformImmediateCleanupOfCommitMarkableResourceBranchesMap() is Map<String, Boolean>


      So this line never does anything


      I believe the line should read



      because if we look a the #start method above we see


      Map<String, Boolean> performImmediateCleanupOfConnectableResourceBranchesMap = jtaEnvironmentBean.getValue().getPerformImmediateCleanupOfCommitMarkableResourceBranchesMap();
      performImmediateCleanupOfConnectableResourceBranchesMap.put(jndiName, immediateCleanup);



      Should I file a JIRA?