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    Moving away from using the Infinispan subsystem in Wildfly towards using Infinispan as a regular library

    Horia Chiorean Master

      In light of this discussion Re: Workaround for eviction issue and the fact that ever since ModeShape 3 we've been essentially tied to using whatever version of Infinispan the latest version of JBoss AS has, we've decided that starting with ModeShape 4.3 we will move away from this approach towards using Infinispan & JGroups as regular libraries (modules) deployed in the JBoss App server. From a user's perspective, this will essentially mean some configuration changes.

      More details can be found at [MODE-2454] Change ModeShape's AS kit to start using Infinispan as a regular library not as a subsystem - JBoss Issue Tr….. ; comments are always welcomed.