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    Stateful Session Bean and memory leak in EAP61 or JBOSS 711

    David Faulstich Newbie

      I have encountered a system using severals rest services (Resteasy) making lookup on SFSB and theses beans are in memory holding hibernate session and persistence context causing a memory leak (they never die).


      We have notice that each call to SFSB generetes a new instance (Using BeanProvider.getContextualReference(BeanThatKillMemory.class) and this instance never gets destroyed or passivated. (The current cache config is "simple" on standalone.xml).


      These beans do not have a timeout configured.


      I do not find in any place of the code a call to a method anotated with @Remove annotation. So, it is obrigatory call a method with @Remove or properly configure a EjbTimeout correct?