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    @ManyToOne + @JoinColumn => no CONSTRAINT FOREIGN KEY !

    Cabillic David Newbie


      In my table Log I have a reference at "system bytea" in place of a "log_systemid varchar(15)" + "CONSTRAINT xxxx FOREIGN KEY ...".

      I do not understand why hibernate do not create the CONSTRAINT !? It works well with other classes without a Pk class (multiple primary keys).

      Please help...


      JBoss 4.0.3
      JBoss EJB 3.0 RC3
      Postgresql 8.0

      Java code:

      @Embeddable(access = AccessType.FIELD)
      public class LogPk implements Serializable{

      private System system;
      private String type;
      private Timestamp startTime;

      public class Log implements Serializable {
      @JoinColumn(name = "systemPk", insertable = false, updatable = false)
      public System getSystem() {
      return system;

      SQL result:

      CREATE TABLE system
      systemid varchar(15) NOT NULL,
      timezone varchar(31),

      CONSTRAINT system_pkey PRIMARY KEY (systemid)

      CREATE TABLE log
      "type" varchar(255) NOT NULL,
      starttime timestamp NOT NULL,
      system bytea NOT NULL,
      doc text,
      endtime timestamp,

      CONSTRAINT log_pkey PRIMARY KEY ("type", starttime, system)