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    Jboss, Hibernate, and Spring Integration

    Alida Skogsholm Newbie


      I'm using Tomcat in development and have a web application
      which is now using Hibernate and Spring. I now need to deploy
      this application to JBoss.

      The versions of the sofware I'm using are:
      JBoss 3.2.7, Hibernate 3.1, Spring 1.2.5, MySQL 4.0.13, Java 1.4.

      First of all, can I use Hibernate 3.1 with JBoss 3.2.7?
      * I'm asking this as I read the following in the JBoss chapter on Hibernate:
      "As of JBoss 4.0.2, JBoss provides Hibernate 3 for use in applications. Prior to that, Hibernate 2 was used."
      * If I need to use Hibernate 2, it would be nice if someone told me this
      sooner rather than later.

      Secondly, where can I find the steps I need to do to deploy
      my application?