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    Problem in getting Max value of row element through EJB-QL..

    Prashant Tiwari Newbie


      I ve written following Doclet's in my beans implementation class
      * @ejb.finder
      * signature = "CartMaster findmaxid()"
      * method-intf = "Home"
      * query = "SELECT MAX(cms.cartid) FROM EmployeeMaster as cms"
      When I build my application using XDOClet is build successfully & deployed Successfully under JBOSS 4.0.3
      But Problem is that when I invoke my client Program containg code for Accesing findmaxid() method as follows:-
      Employeemaster E1=null;
      Employeemaster E1=home.findmaxid();

      It gives me error like
      Cannot create CDBean: javax.ejb.FinderException: Find failed: java.sql.SQLException: Got a java.lang.String[cl=0, value=S0000105] while looking for a Beans.interfaces.EmployeeMaster[cl=18074979]

      Pls tell me where i m wrong.