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    Windows deleting run.jar and other files !

    lpmon Novice

      On occasion we see that after a reboot (never after just a restart) that run.jar is deleted from the disk. Originally we blamed this on an overzealous anti-virus but we are now seeing this on PCs with no anti-virus or windows defender installed.

      We have never seen this with Linux.

      Yesterday we had visitors that needed our app installed. We found 3 PCs out of about 9 with this issue. now we are seeing more than just run.jar missing which is new.

      This is for 4.0.5.GA. We see these files are missing after a reboot:

      lib\jboss-common.jar (and others)
      ... <several more in lib\ >

      Anyone seen this before? Solution? Ideas as to what is doing the deletes?

      Maybe worth mentioning: We use the JavaService to start JBoss as a windows service.

      And: until yesterday it has only been run.jar that was being deleted.