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    Pls help me regarding EJB CMR relationsiop using xdoclet....

    Prashant Tiwari Newbie


      I am new to EJB & trying to implement simple database driven application using EJB CMP2.0. I want to implement CMR relationship between CMP EJB's using XDOCLET(one to one, one to many, many to many). Please tell me how to do that or tell me some resources on it.
      Also if u can help me CMR for my two one to many related sample tables cartmaster & cartdetail which are having fields as follows:-

      cartid-----------PK of cartmaster

      cartdetailid---------Primary key
      cartid---------------Foreign Key from cartmaster

      These are related fields in my two related tables .
      How to write one to many mapping betn these two using XDOCLET in BEAN implementation class?

      Please help me out.

      Thanx in advance for ur valuable help.