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    Using annotations without EJB3?

    Scott Balmos Newbie

      More of a clarification of my last post, but with a better title...

      Since JBoss 4.0.3SP1 includes hibernate-annotations.jar in the server lib directory in a normal non-EJB3 install, I've been assuming that it can handle annotated entity classes without any mapping files. But when deploying an EAR with both a HAR and annotated entities inside the component EJB-JARs (ScanForMappingsEnabled=true), the Hibernate MBean doesn't notice any of the mapping annotations, and thus does nothing.

      In normal Hibernate, you have to specify the annotated entities in the configuration code block. I was wondering if I have to do something like such, and where to put that code in a EAR-style deployment, if the MBean is configured in a -service.xml file in the EAR.

      Thanks for any advice!