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    How to make use of ProcessInstanceImpl.description

    jimmy001 Apprentice



      using jbpm in embedded mode I would like to make use of the column ProcessInstanceImp.description.

      I am facing the same requirements like mentioned here: [JBPM-4380] Add a "description" column in process instance list and task list - JBoss Issue Tracker only I need to show the value in

      my application.


      Taking a look at the DB schema there is no corresponding column in ProcessInstanceInfo. As consequence I thought I will need to change the "ProcessInstanceManagerFactory" and provide my

      own implementation." To do this I need to set "drools.processInstanceManagerFactory". But how can this be done? I am using the CDI Service layer and I can't find a way to set the value.


      Is this the way to go or am I heading in the wrong direction?


      Thx for your help.