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    Wildfly 8.1.0, JSPs and Java 8 syntax

    Jess Holle Newbie

      In Wildfly 8, when I try to specify:


                  <jsp-config source-vm="1.8" target-vm="1.8"/>


      in the configuration, I get:


      16:47:00,320 WARN  [org.apache.jasper.compiler] (default task-6) JBWEB005029: Unknown source JVM 1.8 ignored

      16:47:00,321 WARN  [org.apache.jasper.compiler] (default task-6) JBWEB005030: Unknown target JVM 1.8 ignored


      How can I use Java 8 syntax in JSPs in Wildfly 8.1.0???



      Jess Holle