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    Artifacts are searching for teiid-parent-8.4.1-redhat-2.pom

    Sanjay Chaturvedi Novice

      We are migrating from eds-5.3 to eap6. Now we are having latest jars from teiid with version 8.4.1-redhat-2.

      We use Artifactory as our repository. I have uploaded Teiid-admin,teiid-api,teiid-client, teilld-metadata,teiid-runtime,teiid-engine jar to artifactory.

      All are with latest version 8.4.1-redhat-2 which comes with eap6 installtion.

      Surprisingly, I am getting teiid-admin,teiid-api and teiid-client jars downloaded smoothly from artifactory.

      But for teiid-metadata,teiid-runtime, teiid-engine, teiid-common-core -8.4.1-redhat-2, it is saying coudnt resolved the artifact.

      For example:

      ArtifactDescriptorException: Failed to read artifact descriptor for org.jboss.teiid:teiid-common-core:jar:8.4.1-redhat-2: UnresolvableModelException: Could not find artifact

      org.jboss.teiid:teiid-parent:pom:8.4.1-redhat-2 in myRepo


      I tried:

      Cleaning my local repo

      Cloning my local repo

      mvn -s /settings.xml clean install

      Editing the pom file of failed artifacts while uploading to not pointing to parent pom

      Removing pom.xml from failed artifacts in artifactory


      Could not resolved the issue yet.

      Please help, while comparing among downloaded(teiid-admin,teiid-api,teiid-client) and not downloaded(teiid-metadata,teiid-runtime,teiidengine) artifacts, I found the difference is POM.xml

      For downloaded ones: POM.xml is either not pointing to teiid-parent or not at all there.

      For not downloaded ones: POM.xml is referring to teiid-parent:pom:8.4.1-redhat-2 which is not there in even maven repo.. please suggest. Its urgent. . How can I get that version of POM.