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    Persistence configuration for JUnit tests based on JbpmJUnitBaseTestCase

    Michael Awizen Novice

      Hi everybody,


      how to set-up the JUnit test environment to make persistent entities available for all test methods?


      Please take a look at this small test. The set-up method persists a new user using  the helper methods from JbpmJUnitBaseTestCase. Unfortunately the user can not be found in the test method.


      public class EntityManagerTest extends JbpmJUnitBaseTestCase {
          public void testEvaluationProcess() {
              EntityManager entityManager = getEmf().createEntityManager();
              UserImpl user = entityManager.find(UserImpl.class, "newUserId");
              assertNotNull("User not found!", user);
          public EntityManagerTest() {
              super(true, true);
          public void setUp() throws Exception{
              EntityManager entityManager = getEmf().createEntityManager();
              entityManager.persist(new UserImpl("newUserId"));


      Any suggestions?