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    JBoss strange performance problems for PUT requests

    Oleh Vasyura Newbie

      Ear application running on JBoss 7.1.1 has strange performance problems.

      It ome HTTP event status changing PUT requests is executed for a long time.

      For example, please see from server access log:

      The first request:

      1. [16/Apr/2015:12:40:22 +0300] /kh/api/mediatri/events/272/1010669101 ?id=705000606&date=1429177219274 PUT 200 2078

      The second request:

      1. [16/Apr/2015:12:50:35 +0300] /kh/api/mediatri/events/272/1010669101 ?id=705000606&date=1429177790201 PUT 200 45203


      Both these requests use exactly the same code and modify the same DB record. It just change one column in the record.

      And time between these two requests is small, about 10 minutes.

      Application uses two DB in the same transaction: IBM Solid and MySQL.

      Correct time for updating is usually less than 10 seconds, in middle is about 2-4 seconds.

      It is not reproduced on our tests environment therefore it is difficult to debug, only in production environment.

      Application uses Spring MVC controller as REST handlers and EJB for DB updating logic.

      I tried to add additional performance log but at least it is not EJB call performance problems.


      What else can be happened? Trasaction commit, internal JBoss code, etc? How can I localize the problem?

      Unfortunately it is happened couple of times almost every day.