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    Strange dependencies: MyBean.ORB, .InstanceName, .HandleDelegate, ...

    Clemens von Musil Newbie



      I'm currently migrating  an EAR project towards Wildfly. If deploying the application, wildfly complains about missing dependencies for every EJB.


      If the EJB is called "MyBean", there are warnings indicating that the services  "MyBean.ORB", "MyBean.InstanceName", "MyBean.HandleDelegate", "MyBean.Validator", "MyBean.ValidatorFactory" and "MyBean.InAppClientContainer"  have a missing dependency to "MyBean".


      Later, jboss says, that "MyBean" references the missing services "MyBean.ORB", "MyBean.InstanceName", etc.


      I use WildFly 8.2.0.Final on Java 1.8.0_45


      I have no idea what to do or where to search. Could anyone point me the direction, please?


      Thanks a lot, Clemens