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    Loading BouncyCastle in war with existing BC JBoss module.

    Mayur K Newbie

      I have tried the steps mentioned How to add bouncycastle to JBoss AS 7.1 for Wildfly 8.0.

      But the following code is proving to be troublesome.

      PKCS8EncryptedPrivateKeyInfo kp = (PKCS8EncryptedPrivateKeyInfo) keyPair;
      InputDecryptorProvider pkcs8dec = new JceOpenSSLPKCS8DecryptorProviderBuilder()
            .setProvider(new BouncyCastleProvider())
      PrivateKeyInfo pko = kp.decryptPrivateKeyInfo(pkcs8dec);

      On line#5, the following error pops up,

      unable to read encrypted data: JCE cannot authenticate the provider BC

      The same code works perfectly as a standalone app, but when deploying the same in a war, the above error appears.

      Any solutions to fix this for Wildfly 8.0?

      Thanks in advance.