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    classloading insanity

    g king Newbie

      i know you guys are tired of the classloading woes, but, here's another one which i'm sure it's just because i'm missing something.

      began using hibernate3 with jboss4.0.2...

      using the default settings for isolated classloading

      created a hibernate.cfg.xml because i'm still not quite sure how to get hibernate running using the mbean functionalities.... this resides in the root of the .ear

      enclosed all xml config and corresponding class files in one main_jar and stuffed it into the .ear

      i tried putting the hibernate3.jar file into the .ear file with an entry in the application.xml, however, jboss never finds it or ignores it or complains that there're multiple classloaders.

      i also tried the same above approach, but, this time using a jboss-app.xml, but, to no avail.

      then i tried putting it in the .ear, but, this time with a Manifest entry.... this time, if i'm not mistaken, a multiple class loader complaint and a could not find the hibernate3.jar - looking for it in the jboss/server/default/deploy - does it exist? which seemed kinda odd....

      so, i removed it from the .ear and put it in the server/default/deploy, still, noclassdeffound - SecondPass

      and then, i just removed it... same thing - no SecondPass

      finally, i put it in the /server/default/lib, and it finally picked the classes up?

      what am i doing wrong? why can't i isolate classes within my own deployment? and, if you could, how can i deploy the cfg file as an mbean.

      i've read and re-read many of the jboss wiki entries both for hibernate and classloading... i've scoured hibernate's user docs and forum entries.... if possible, please try and explain it in your own terms.

      many thanks....