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    web site is not accesible from lan and internet

    Javier Martinez Newbie

      Hi, i am new here and i am mounting a web server and i want it to be accesible from anywhere (my lan and outside my network) so...this is what i have done..


      Hope someone an help me..


      1) I am using eclipse luna on windows 7 pro and i have installed wildfly 8.2 web server

      2) I have done a dynamic web proyect and i can see it in my browser when i publish it on my server. Perfect antil now. But i cant see it from another machine in my lan network First question..what do i have to see it from my tablet using my wifi?


      3) I have created a no-ip account and downloaded a thar software that refresh my ip to my domain..it works ok

      4) i added to my host file at C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc and now i can see my domain as it was my localhost.

      5) I have turned off my antivirus and firewall to avoid problems..


      wha else do i have to do to see my website from anywhere in the world?


      Thanks and regards!