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    jboss 3.04 and hibernate 2

    bullmccabe Newbie

      We are using jboss 3.04 with hibernate 2 and have a scheduled task running nightly which inserts data into an oracle 10g database. Over the past 4 months this process has caused the jvm to crash 3 times. The volume of data being inserted into the database was small in all cases.
      The following was retrieved from the log file:

      Unexpected Signal : 11 occurred at PC=0x40565659

      Heap at VM Abort:
      def new generation total 26304K, used 24001K [0x44910000, 0x46590000, 0x481f0000)
      eden space 23424K, 97% used [0x44910000, 0x45f50d38, 0x45ff0000)
      from space 2880K, 42% used [0x462c0000, 0x463ef8e0, 0x46590000)
      to space 2880K, 0% used [0x45ff0000, 0x45ff0000, 0x462c0000)
      tenured generation total 233024K, used 50459K [0x481f0000, 0x56580000, 0x64910000)
      the space 233024K, 21% used [0x481f0000, 0x4b336f80, 0x4b337000, 0x56580000)
      compacting perm gen total 23040K, used 22858K [0x64910000, 0x65f90000, 0x68910000)
      the space 23040K, 99% used [0x64910000, 0x65f62988, 0x65f62a00, 0x65f90000)

      To me this looks like it could be a memory issue, though our sys admin informs me that there is plenty available memory on the machine.
      Does anyone know if there are any documented problems with these versions of jboss, hibernate and oracle. Would it be worth upgrading to jboss 4 and hibernate 3?

      Any info would be greatly appreciated.