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    In fuse,use netty for socket ,but blueprint state is GracePeriod

    Ben Gao Novice

      My camel context :



        <camelContext trace="false" id="socketToHttpContext" xmlns="http://camel.apache.org/schema/blueprint">


          <route id="socketToHttp">

         <from uri="timer:foo?period=1s"/>

              <log message="Done processing !"/>

              <to uri="netty:tcp://"></to>

              <log message="get back!"/>




      I use bluesprint.

      and I put this jar in fuse.the blueprint is GracePeriod.

      and service not start

      when I not use netty is ok.

      I think fuse not install camel-netty

      How I make the camel-netty install and my project can use it